Who are Screenwriters Network?

Screenwriters Network (SWN) is an organisation founded by a collection of award-winning and produced filmmakers in the UK. Our four founders have collectively worked for every major broadcasting and film company in the UK and overseas. They have accrued several screenwriting and film awards; Steve even being nominated for an Emmy.

About us

Samuel James (Founder)

Alex Edge (Founder/Director)

Jessica Moore (Operations Manager)

Roman Weston (Content Creator)

We have worked with...

Ready to start learning screenwriting? Follow our steps to make your way…

Step 1

Screenwriters Resource

Increase your screenwriting knowledge by reading our blog.


Step 2

Read Scripts

Check out our script library and read your favourite screenplays.

Script Library

Step 3

Script Analysis

Get feedback on your script from one of our award-winning script consultants.


Step 4

SWN Screenplay Competition

Establish yourself in the industry and build a credible reputation.


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