The Best Free Screenwriting Softwares

Screenwriters Network, January 31, 2021

If you’re wondering which screenwriting softwares you will get the most out of without parting with your money, sit back and wonder no further.

It’s important that you choose the best tool as per your needs, so your opinion may differ depending on how in-depth you wish to take the process of your screenwriting.

This list is ranked with the amount of features available, usability and interface in-mind.

Customer feedback has also been taken into consideration when ranking these free screenplay softwares.

Listed below are some of the best ones you can try out…


If you’re OCD and are partial to clean, smart, easy interfaces – StudioBinder is for you. I would certainly recommend this to beginner writers as many softwares can be overwhelming and can contain unnecessary gimmicky features.

With StudioBinder you can sit down and crack on with what’s important; the story.

Available on: Any Desktop.



Another notable free screenwriting software is Celtx. The free version of Celtx gives you a taster into the ‘industry standard’. It has many benefits with the free features and is very easy to navigate and use.

Available on: PC, Mac, App Store.



Causality is a new kind of writing app where you can develop your story visually, giving you an incredible overview of even the most complex stories. You can work with your story the way it looks in your mind, but with a far greater ability to visualise the structure.

You can use this tool for small projects initially. It comes with three crucial components and those are story logic, script and timeline.

Available on: PC, Mac.



Highland only works with Macintosh. This software is easy to use and well-designed. It has been especially designed with some of the key features available for the user free of cost.

PC users may want to find some other options… Consider the above!

Available on: Mac.



WriterDuet is a programme known best for screenwriter collaborations. It can become second nature and quick to use once you get into the swing of things.

It has many free useful tools that many paid softwares have. If you’re looking to collaborate with writers, this is the platform for you!

Available on: Any Desktop, App Store.



Trelby is popular for some great features that allow you to be highly adaptable. There are features like using the bin shelf to store the important text while you are on the verge of closing it.

It’s a little old in its layout but some people like the old-school way of writing. It’s very simple and easy to use.

Available on: PC, Mac.



All-in-all it doesn’t really matter what screenwriting software you use. The next great film could be written on Word or Pages as it’s the content that matters.

Granted formatting would have to come later if you want to get it produced, but any and every screenwriting software can structure a screenplay!

It’s time that you explore these free softwares and avail some of the great advantages of screenwriting that are money-saving and time-saving.

Test them all, they’re free!

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