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Do you think you’re ready to turn your screenwriting hobby into a career? Submit your screenplay today! We accept short films, TV pilots and feature-length scripts.




Have your script read by the some of the most experienced industry screenwriters and producers.



Ronan Blaney is a BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated screenwriter and producer, known for A Good Woman Is Hard to Find (2019), award-winning short film Boogaloo and Graham (2014), and Sisters. Boogaloo and Graham won the BAFTA film award for Best British Short Film, and this was also nominated for an Oscar, Best Short Film in the Live-Action Category.



Bastien Dubois is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director, known for Souvenir Souvenir (2020), Cargo Cult (2013), and Madagascar, a Journey Diary (2010). Bastien’s Oscar nomination was for Best Short Film in the Animated category, his nomination was for Madagascar, carnet de voyage.



Samuel James is an English actor best known for playing the role of Garth Stubbs in the ITV sitcom Birds of a Feather. He has also starred in other popular UK TV programs, Casualty, Doctors, Coronation Street and EastEnders.


The Grand Prize winner of the SWN Short Film Screenplay Competition will receive:


➤ $1000 Cash prize
➤ Automatically qualify for our annual screenplay competition ($1200 Award)
➤ Your script listed in InkTip’s script directory (4000+ producers, reps & execs)
➤ A lifetime subscription to Final Draft Pro screenwriting software (worth $249.99)
➤The SWN hanging frame award with your winning script and laurels inside
➤ A promotion in InkTip’s magazine (15,000+ producers, reps & execs)
➤ Your script will be sent to our judges and select members of our contacts


1) Every Script Submitted Gets Registered With SWN For Free. No Need to Register With The Writers’ Guilds (WGA, WGUK etc.).

2) FREE eBook

3) You Will Receive a $10 Gift Card From us to be Redeemed on Our Script Coverage Services.


Rules & Terms

All submissions must be written in English.

All ages are eligible.

Material submitted must be written and owned by the person submitting. You may submit as many entries as you like.

All entries must be uploaded in PDF format.

You may resubmit your entered script once at the discretion of Screenwriters Network. This will be dependent on where the script is in our process and whether this has already been assigned to a reader/ judge.

If submitting as a team a singular prize package (only) will be made out to the initial person who submitted.

Scripts submitted to the SWN Screenplay Competition are protected and remain the owner of the person(s) that submitted.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

The winners are selected based on the some of the following elements:


What does your story consist of? Is the bulk of your story great action, meaningful moments and interesting plot related scenes. Or is it a little mild, unrelated and/or too reflective of everyday life. What events does your script consist of to pull in the audience? Is it related to the character desire and potential theme?


Character Development

What interesting character traits do your characters have? Are they 3-dimensional and interesting? Do they have a past? Are they unique and fascinating? Are they boring, passive and/or underdeveloped?


Cinematic Potential

Does your script have many moments that will translate well visually? Is this script non-visual and unimaginative? Does it have an array of exciting, interesting or unfamiliar locations? Does it have any breathtaking, thematic or nuanced scenes? Will a director be able to interpret this script well?



The denouement is the culmination of all events of your script; the pay off! How impactful is your ending? Is your resolution satisfying and related to your characters desire? What’s the lasting impression on the audience? Have all loose ends and sub-plots been resolved or addressed?



The prologue is your opening image, the introduction to your story. Does your opening set up a theme? Is there a hook or device that draws the audience in at the beginning? Is the introduction to your story memorable, impactful or shocking?


Call to Adventure

The call to adventure is often a very good predictor of how strong your characters desire is. This works hand in hand with your protagonists desire. What is it that sets your character on their journey? Is it an impactful or emotional event or series of events? How strong is your call to adventure? Is it a fleeting thought within your protagonist, or is it devastating or dramatic moment?



Is the dialogue overused, too obvious and revealing? Is it repetitive? Is the dialogue used in a way that’s unique? Is there subtext involved? Do all of the characters speak differently? Is the dialogue poignant? Is there a good amount of conflict in the dialogue? Is some of the dialogue too long?



Is this script well-paced? Does it have any slow moments? Is the pacing too fast without any breaks in the drama or action? How well paced is the beginning, middle and end acts? Could the story be shorter? Could it be longer?

We recommend that scripts should be written in 12-point courier font.

Page lengths MUST meet the guidelines stated below or there is an additional cost of $1 per page.

– Feature Lengths screenplays must be 200 pages or under.

– TV Pilot screenplays must be 75 pages or under.

– Short Film screenplays must be 45 pages or under.

Please do not include any personal information (including your name), cover letter, CV, synopses, or photos with your submission. These will not be forwarded to the readers/ judges. We pride ourselves on judging anonymously and therefore the script must be presented without any of this information.