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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

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History professor George (Richard Burton) and his boozy wife, Martha (Elizabeth Taylor), return late one Saturday night from a cocktail party at the home of the college president, Martha’s father. Martha announces that she invited another couple, newly appointed instructor Nick (George Segal) and his timid wife, Honey (Sandy Dennis), over for a nightcap. When the younger couple arrive, the night erupts into a no-holds-barred torrent of marital angst and verbal tirades.


It can now be said: 1. Apart from its widespread critical acclaim, it has provoked more discussion, interest, and excitement than any other picture in memory. 2. People want to see it – in unprecedented numbers. In its first engagements, it has shattered every record in the history of all theatres involved. 3. It has become a significant and extraordinary entertainment event. It is truly a unique motion picture.


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