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Snow Blind 101- Pilot (2006)

Written By :

Christopher J. Scott


Snow Blind is a documentary film about the history, culture, and lifestyle of snowboarding. The film covers the birth of snowboarding, the evolution of it into an Olympic sport, and the passionate participants, thrill seekers, and competitors that make it what it is today: the most extreme of counter-cultures. The film follows several young competitors that are on the brink of success and the lengths they will go to win. It documents the everyday enthusiast, the top pros in the world, the most extreme riders, the marketers, the manufacturers, and the passion behind all of them. The film is segmented into six major thematic sections: Inventors (who created snowboards); Pioneers (who started riding before it was a sport); Back Country (who risk their lives riding in non-designated snowboarding areas); Pros (the teen and twenty-something professional athletes and Olympians); Adaptors (who have lost limbs or their eyesight but continue to ride); Families (the Teters and how snowboarding has influenced their lives); and a mini section on Banana George, a 93-year old snowboarder and extreme sports athlete. The film features music by The Prodigy, The Donnas, Orbital, Carl Cox, Ronnie Size, GZA


When All You See Is The Mountain


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