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Girls5eva 101 – Pilot (2021)

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In hearing hip-hop performer Lil Stinker use a Girls5eva song as a backup to his latest track, Dawn believes her usually non-existent royalty check will at least be existent this month. In picking it up from Larry, she is reluctant to see him otherwise, she decides to drop Summer and Gloria’s checks off for them out of circumstance. While she expects not even to see them, they do reconnect after all these years, which is somewhat prophetic in learning that Lil Stinker has booked an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (2014), with Jimmy Fallon thought it is good publicity if Girls5eva sang backup life. Despite their apprehension in it has been twenty years, all three of them come to the realization that they each need this gig for a different reason, but they know they can’t do it without Wickie in requiring her vocal harmonies. The problems are that Wickie doesn’t even live in New York City anymore, and even if she did would probably be less than enthusiastic in performing with them again in having a successful Asian-targeted clothing business which supports her jet-setting lifestyle as witnessed on her social media feeds, and she is the one who abandoned them, in the process never having said she was sorry for what happened twenty years ago.




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