Apocalyptic world, with only one hope. They need the antidote or the virus kills everyone.

  • Type: short
  • Status: sold
  • Page Count:: 55pp
  • Genre: ,
  • Budget: independent
  • Age Rating:: 13+
  • Award & Ratings:: 0


In 2023 the world nearly reached its limit, and a new unknown virus spread through the continents. Its name was Ziton Xenor Metabolic 6 or Zix6 for short. Health professionals discovered the one thing that makes this virus different from a normal stomach bug way too late. That one thing is a little red spot in the belly button, that was discoverd by a medical student. Will the wold survive this virus and get the antidote, or does this mean the end of the wold?

Script Writer

Jessica Moore

Jessica is an industry screenwriting agent, dedicated to furthering writers’ careers. Her contacts expand to companies such as Vertigo, Aardman, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers and Netflix.

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