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Do you keep a business card on you at all times?

The Director
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I've considered getting business cards made for my work, and I wanted to ask you guys first. Do you think it'd be a fun way to advertise myself a bit, but getting business cards made up? I've had a set of business cards years ago, but haven't really bothered getting any made since after I changed jobs. But, would you guys ever use business cards for your screenwriting needs?

Topic starter Posted : 22/07/2021 4:20 am
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I have a business card somewhere, but I don't really ever give it out much. I think I got a batch of free ones made years ago, and never got another batch of them made. I gave some out when I first got a batch, but that was about it. 

Posted : 23/07/2021 4:49 am
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I don't even have business cards, never have. I never really saw a point in it, because I view the script as a business card in itself. 

Posted : 25/07/2021 5:42 am