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Quentin Tarantino Vowed Never to Give His Mom Money After She Yelled at Him for Writing Scripts

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Wow this is kinda funny, or sad however you look at it. I guess Quentin Tarantino vowed to never give his mom any money after she yelled at him for screenwriting. Now the guy is one of the most famous directors and screenwriters ever. Goes to show, if people tell you know, you tell them no back haha! 

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Topic starter Posted : 09/08/2021 6:07 pm
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Wow that's kind of harsh. Like, wouldn't it be enough to show her that he made it? But he makes a good point about putting peoples dreams down, your words have consequences essentially. He did say he helped when the IRS was on her, but that was it, no house, cars or anything. 

Makes you wonder if his mother was just usually awful to him. I can never see myself doing that to my mom. I would help her if I could. 

Posted : 10/08/2021 11:03 pm
Barry John
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Tarantino has nothing on me... my wife left me! Took my dog as well. Well, at least now I have more peace and quiet writing time :-)) 

Don't keep writing... till you know how.

Posted : 11/08/2021 12:51 pm