Who Are We?

Screenwriters Network is a team based in London UK, dedicated to advancing screenwriters' careers all over the globe. When we feel you are ready, we help writers connect with the right people in the industry through screenwriting competitions and our production contacts.

Our Team
Who We Have Worked With...

Alec Sokolow

Alec has written many classics such as Toy Story, Show me the Money and many more classics. He was a judge on our screenplay competition, the 'Sokolow Award' screenwriting competition.

Jim Uhls

We have worked with Jim Uhls, screenwriter of many great films including the classic hit film, Fight Club. Jim has also been a judge on one of our feature-length screenwriting competitions.

Jessica Sharzer

Jessica has written many classic films and works in Hollywood as a current screenwriter. From hit classics like 'Dirty Dancing' to the new Hollywood film 'Nerve', Jessica has solidified her position in the hall of fame.

Ed Solomon

Ed Solomon has written and defined a genre from his original hit, Men in Black, starring Will Smith. Ed has penned many classic screenplays and was a judge in one of our competitions.

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Screenwriting Blog

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Check out our script library and read your favourite screenplays.


Refine Your Script

Get feedback on your script from one of our award-winning script consultants.


Industry Exposure

Establish yourself in the industry and build a credible reputation in one of our screenplay competitions.

SWN Screenplay Competitions

Screenwriters Network hosts three global screenwriting competitions; Short Film, TV PIlot and Feature-Length. We promote the works of the winners to many of our industry contacts and provide them with the tools to set their careers in motion. We provide thousands of pounds worth of prizes and have some of the best judges in the industry.

Screenwriting Articles

7 Steps to Write an Effective Screenplay

What steps can we take to write an effective screenplay? As a beginner or a seasoned writer, it is helpful to understand and remember the fundamentals. The idea of creating and writing a perfect screenplay comes with breaking down each step and understanding how each one helps. Let’s take a look.

Top 15 Screenplays Every Screenwriter Should Read

So, you heard you should read screenplays, but you aren’t sure where to start. Worry no further! Not only will this article present you with the top 15 screenplays every screenwriter should read, but it will also give you tips on how to make the most of your reading.

Script Registration and Copyright Guide

After all those hardworking long hours spent creating and nurturing your screenplay, it is finally complete! This article will help you gain an understanding of script registration and copyright laws in the UK and internationally.

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